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  • „People will forget what you have said,
    they will forget what you have done,
    but people will never forget
    what you have made them feel.“

    B. J. Wasmund
  • „People will forget what you have said,
    they will forget what you have done,
    but people will never forget
    what you have made them feel.“

Motivating Your Staff.
Don’t fear change. We’ll bring all your colleagues on board.

Whether its changes in strategy, new structures, revised brand image – if there's something new in
your company – all your staff should know about it. A colleague who is well informed feels taken seriously,
is motivated and can pass on his enthusiasm to the customer.

We can stage such an exceptional event for you that your staff will be fascinated by what's new.
We ansurprising moments, creative impulses and new perspectives. Your staff will feel involved in your
company targets and also have a lot of fun.

The outcome is a win-win situation, from which everyone profits:
your staff, your business and, in the end, also your customers.

dwpbank brings all the staff together for its annual company party.
Together, everything is better – also when you're celebrating. This is why, every year, dwpbank invites its 700 staff to a party. They come from locations across Germany to enjoy a great night out together. The celebration usually takes place in Frankfurt, the bank's headquarters, although in 2005 and 2013 the party was in Düsseldorf. But whether here or there, since 2005 we have been responsible for what is always an unforgettably good event.

For each celebration we think of a really special and original idea which will provide the theme to link events during the evening. Then the most important thing is the choice of location; this will be a backdrop for the wonderful world of experiences which we then provide. The decorations conjour the mood and the dramatic performance of our artists, the atmosphere. And there is always the opportunity to join in.

In this way we manage, every year, to surprise our guests and leave them with wonderful impressions and a feeling of togetherness.

„Our wishes were always precisely and professionally implemented. The whole organization was a master performance, and the improvisation due to unforeseen circumstances was the icing on the cake!"

Thomas Stretlow – department leader, Company Communication (since 2012)


Hekatron Anniversary Celebration. "By Hekatron for Hekatron"
If you work hard you should celebrate hard. Thus Hekatron instructed us to produce an event which would be a unique experience for all the staff, to celebrate the company's 50th birthday. All the staff, from apprentices to the managing director, should enjoy an evening together. The event was to take place on the sports ground next to the company.

First of all we had to arrange all the required permits; then we could begin. Five days before the celebration we began to erect a 1500 square metre marquee, with completely new facilities and equipment inside and out. For entertainment we thought up an absolutely unique show programme..........

In the run up to the event, we cast, briefed and rehearsed the staff. On the night of the celebration they then had their great performance with brass bands, sketches, film and flash mob – everything by staff for staff. This event welded the workers even more firmly together and generated an emotional "us" feeling that will last for a long time.

I would like to take this opportunity to express once again my great thanks for your unbelievable engagement and your professionality in every phase of the planning and implementation. Naturally, it is doubly nice when I can also congratulate you on your great success. It was simply top class. An enormous team achievement. Once again, my heartfelt thanks!!!"

Peter Ohmberger, Managing Director, Hekatron.



OC&C invites staff and their families to a Summer Retreat 2014.
There must be some fun and games! This is why OC&C Strategy Consultants invited their 170 staff and their families to a 2 day summer event near Mainz. And because in summer 2014 the football world cup was on everyone's minds, naturally they asked for a football competition. We organized this on the first day and followed it with a boat trip through the beautiful Rheingau. Waiting there for all our guests, large and small, was a wonderful BBQ.

On the second day, the games continued. But this time it wasn't a ball which was rolling, it was soap boxes, which the guests, with a lot of ingenuity and a great deal of team spirit, had turned into cars. They could then race against each other on the "Laubenheimer Höhe".

To finish there was a party, held at the Hyatt Regency, where the good mood and the celebration lasted until the small hours.

OCandC Summer Retreat2014


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