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  • „People will forget what you have said,
    they will forget what you have done,
    but people will never forget
    what you have made them feel.“

    B. J. Wasmund
  • „People will forget what you have said,
    they will forget what you have done,
    but people will never forget
    what you have made them feel.“

Leave room for tradition, make room for the future.
That calls for a celebration.

A company's anniversary is always a welcome occasion for a celebration. Often just one celebration
is not enough. Ceremony, customer event, celebration with colleagues, public relations – the festivities
often go on for weeks or months. We know exactly what to do to transform your celebration into a
wonderful "world of adventure". Together we can work on your anniversary strategy – tailoring the
content to your business and always with a clear view of your goals. It begins with the guest list and
moves on through the choice and design of the location to finish with the perfect social event.
In doing so we take care that all aspects of our celebrations and events work together harmoniously.
For unforgettable anniversary moments where you, as hosts, can shine.


Hekatron is 50 – The Official Ceremony


Many Happy Returns: in 2013, Hekatron celebrated its 50th birthday. To celebrate, 200 top-ranking guests from politics, business and press were invited. To do justice to the exclusivity of the occasion and the high expectations of the guests, the event had to be something special – you could say a festive visiting card for the company.

The challenge was the transformation of a simple sports hall into a ballroom. This is what we like to do best – lighting technology, exclusive furnishing, fascinating stage design and high quality decorations formed the structure for a perfect gala.

There was the classic "thank you" speech, for which we placed the speeker in an optimal setting. Then for emotional effect we played a trailer showing production Hekatron, and engaged a sand – artist who, accompanied by dramatic music, painted a picture of the history of the company.

"On behalf of the two managing directors of Hekatron I would like to express my deep thanks to you for your excellent achievement and always friendly support. Everyone who attended this event was enthusiastic about the evening. Thank you for enriching our celebrations by your presents and by your work on our behalf. I would also like to thank you personally for the chance to meet you all. I learned a lot and it was really enjoyable, working with you. I'm looking forward to our next event."

Dagmar Rissmann, assistant to the managing directors, Hekatron Technik GmbH.





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