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  • „Events which follow no pattern
    but have a clear goal — yours“
  • „Events which follow no pattern
    but have a clear goal — yours“

The beautiful art, to convert the customers’ wishes into elation.

Can you already imagine your event? Or do you still have no real plans? For either situation, or something quite different – let's talk to each other. In this way we can get to know what it is you want. And we can tell you what it is you can expect from us, namely a highly motivated team and a whole lot of scintillating ideas, with which we can develop your wishes into impressive experiences. Then that's the start of a wonderful partnership between you and ourselves. This is how it started with all the people and companies who are today our customers
 – in the Rhine-Main area, throughout Germany and across Europe. And despite the differences, one thing remains the same for every project: our mix of experience and passion, our creativity and ability to implement your plans and the way we enjoy our work.

Work? Pleasure! Let us surprise and inspire you. Here are some examples that you should see.
  1. ECE
  3. dwpbank
  4. assona


ECE New Project Birefing – with professional press conference.
What's new? When ECE Project Management GmbH. KG want to dicuss their latest big project, they regulary do so with press conferences. From breaking the ground to laying the first foundations, from topping out the opening ceremony, journalists and editors are always invited.

We've been supporting ECE for many years now, with planning, organizing an implementing these meetings. With reliable modern technology, with all the equipment needed for the press and catering to tempt the palette, we turn every press conference into a forum for disussion and information exchange.







Hekatron is 50 – The Official Ceremony


Many Happy Returns: in 2013, Hekatron celebrated its 50th birthday. To celebrate, 200 top-ranking guests from politics, business and press were invited. To do justice to the exclusivity of the occasion and the high expectations of the guests, the event had to be something special – you could say a festive visiting card for the company.

The challenge was the transformation of a simple sports hall into a ballroom. This is what we like to do best – lighting technology, exclusive furnishing, fascinating stage design and high quality decorations formed the structure for a perfect gala.

There was the classic "thank you" speech, for which we placed the speeker in an optimal setting. Then for emotional effect we played a trailer showing production Hekatron, and engaged a sand – artist who, accompanied by dramatic music, painted a picture of the history of the company.

"On behalf of the two managing directors of Hekatron I would like to express my deep thanks to you for your excellent achievement and always friendly support. Everyone who attended this event was enthusiastic about the evening. Thank you for enriching our celebrations by your presents and by your work on our behalf. I would also like to thank you personally for the chance to meet you all. I learned a lot and it was really enjoyable, working with you. I'm looking forward to our next event."

Dagmar Rissmann, assistant to the managing directors, Hekatron Technik GmbH.






Hekatron Anniversary Celebration. "By Hekatron for Hekatron"
If you work hard you should celebrate hard. Thus Hekatron instructed us to produce an event which would be a unique experience for all the staff, to celebrate the company's 50th birthday. All the staff, from apprentices to the managing director, should enjoy an evening together. The event was to take place on the sports ground next to the company.

First of all we had to arrange all the required permits; then we could begin. Five days before the celebration we began to erect a 1500 square metre marquee, with completely new facilities and equipment inside and out. For entertainment we thought up an absolutely unique show programme..........

In the run up to the event, we cast, briefed and rehearsed the staff. On the night of the celebration they then had their great performance with brass bands, sketches, film and flash mob – everything by staff for staff. This event welded the workers even more firmly together and generated an emotional "us" feeling that will last for a long time.

I would like to take this opportunity to express once again my great thanks for your unbelievable engagement and your professionality in every phase of the planning and implementation. Naturally, it is doubly nice when I can also congratulate you on your great success. It was simply top class. An enormous team achievement. Once again, my heartfelt thanks!!!"

Peter Ohmberger, Managing Director, Hekatron.




Hekatron Strengthens Team Spirit. With a Strategy Meeting.
Nothing is as unchanging as change! Hekatron had defined a new strategic direction and wanted to communicate this to its managers. "Moving on to Pastures New – Nature as a Teacher" was the theme of our event. We sent 30 managers out into the wild to help them visualize aspects of the new strategy and come to terms with it emotionally.

To experience is to understand. The analogy between nature and company strategy would be communicated practically in the fullest sense of the word. At various stations, fascinating new aspects of change and teamwork were actively experienced. Every participant could find out for himself what a natural and necessary phenomenon change is.

Highpoint of the day was woodcutting. The participants worked together to fell a tree and to work with the rough wood. What they learned from the examples of forest, meadow and the natural world will stay with the group of managers. This event laid the foundations for bringing the new strategy successfully online.




Neue Perspektiven aufzeigen: Das Hekatron Partnerforum "Ausblick, Durchblick, Weitblick!"

Gute Veranstaltungen erhalten die Freundschaft. Deshalb lädt Hekatron seit 2005 im zweijährigen Turnus seine Partner, Vertreter der Fachpresse und Meinungsbildner zum Partnerforum ein. Für Hekatron ist das eine sehr emotionale und leidenschaftliche Veranstaltung, denn hier werden grundlegende Unternehmenswerte wie Kompetenz, Flexibilität, Ehrlichkeit, Bodenständigkeit und Verlässlichkeit präsentiert.

Bei der Konzeption und Organisation des Forums legen wir besonderen Wert darauf, Hekatron als nahbaren, kompetenten und ehrlichen Geschäftspartner vorzustellen. Dafür suchen wir Locations mit einzigartiger Atmosphäre aus und laden exzellente Branchenkenner als Redner ein. Nicht zuletzt achten wir auf eine optimale Mischung von Fachthemen und unterhaltenden Elementen. Mit dem Ziel, für alle Gäste einen persönlichen Mehrwert zu schaffen und ihre gute Zusammenarbeit mit Hekatron
zu festigen und auszubauen.

„Danke – für Ihren Einsatz und ihr Engagement, für Ihre professionelle Arbeit, für Ihre flexible und unkomplizierte Arbeitsweise, für Ihre persönliche Art, mit der Sie als Dienstleister Hekatron in der Öffentlichkeit vertreten haben. Das war einfach nur klasse."

Peter Ohmberger, Geschäftsführer der Hekatron Vertriebs GmbH



dwp Bank welcomes you to the “WP Forum”
Make way for information and inspiration! Every 2 years we organize the renowned WP Forum for the German Securities Service Bank. Our job is comprehensive and demanding: we organize a 2 day info – presentation, including an exclusive evening event for 600 people. Alongside this, we organize the complete logistics.

The trade fair, with about 50 exhibitors, provides a perfect showcase for providers in the field to present themselves. The well – loved "Speakers' Corner" offers an opportunity for networking. Individual workshops and plenary sessions facilitate the exchange of thoughts and information.

A stylish location for this is the Esperanto Hotel and Congress Centre in Fulda. The WP Forum is a logistical challenge for us, with especially high requirements for stand construction, technology, activity flow and organization.

„I am deeply proud that my inner songs of praise for you, over the last few months – your teamwork, know – how, reliability and ability to work together with us to make a good event, have been more than justified. Alex, we are so satisfied with every aspect of your work that you are worth 100% bonus! I hope this will give all of you, alongside the feedback, a sign of how much we value you."

Ivonne Stange, Department Head, Marketing and Communication Department.




dwpbank Annual Directors’ Meeting
Business and show on the highest level – this is what dwpbank offers about 180 of its directors from all over Germany at ist Annual Directors' Meeting. Since 2005, we've been part oft the team and have developed together the concept, theme and organization of this 2 day event.

The meeting needs space and the right atmosphere for an intensive exchange of ideas. Top-ranking, reputable speakers explain industry specific matters and shed light on new perspectives. Then, at the Gala Evening, it's time for colleagues to talk business in a more relaxed atmosphere. Fort he partners an spouses oft he directors we also have an interesting programme to amuse and excite.

We always manage to find something out oft he ordinary, such as the luxurious Sofitel in Munich as venue for the meetings, with the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart as the evening location, or engaging Joachim Gauck as keynote speaker.


dwpbank brings all the staff together for its annual company party.
Together, everything is better – also when you're celebrating. This is why, every year, dwpbank invites its 700 staff to a party. They come from locations across Germany to enjoy a great night out together. The celebration usually takes place in Frankfurt, the bank's headquarters, although in 2005 and 2013 the party was in Düsseldorf. But whether here or there, since 2005 we have been responsible for what is always an unforgettably good event.

For each celebration we think of a really special and original idea which will provide the theme to link events during the evening. Then the most important thing is the choice of location; this will be a backdrop for the wonderful world of experiences which we then provide. The decorations conjour the mood and the dramatic performance of our artists, the atmosphere. And there is always the opportunity to join in.

In this way we manage, every year, to surprise our guests and leave them with wonderful impressions and a feeling of togetherness.

„Our wishes were always precisely and professionally implemented. The whole organization was a master performance, and the improvisation due to unforeseen circumstances was the icing on the cake!"

Thomas Stretlow – department leader, Company Communication (since 2012)



dwp Bank on the road in Germany for the Regional Get-togethers.
Visiting customers across the land for dwp Bank, we regularly organize a roadshow. This means organizing 4 regional events (north-east, west, middle and south) involving 150 customers from the banking sector at any one time. A regional get-together lasts for 2 days and, following a motivational welcome, is packed full with speeches and workshops on cross-industry themes.

A highlight is the great and magnificent evening event. For this there's always a specific theme – in 2014 this was "Contrasts". We develop a concept to match the theme and produce an event which can surprise and entertain within a framework of themed decorations, the professional hosts and your individual choice of performers.





assona thanks its staff with a Go-cart Grand Prix
Foot on the gas – allowed and welcomed! assona GmbH wanted to recognize the exceptional performance of their partner. This is why we organized the complete Go-cart Grand Prix for them in 2014.

The preliminary rounds took place over 3 weekends on indoor racetracks in Germany and Austria. Participants had the chance to qualify for the big final in Berlin.

The final race, on an outdoor track in Berlin, was the highlight for all concerned. The sun in the sky; petrol in the air; proud heroes on the pedestal. And an entertainment programme with all the bells and whistles! BBQ, transfer by Limousine to the boat trip and then the exclusive After Grand Prix Party. This incentive event was a formula one success – so said everyone taking part.




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